Grand Inna Kuta Bali’s Breeze Resto and Lobby Interior Design

I have always find it exciting to go to new places, experience the atmosphere and learn as well! So my visit to Bali around the mid of November brought me to get a look at Grand Inna’s interior. Grand Inna Hotel is located right next to the famous Kuta beach. Just fyi. Anyway, the Breeze Resto is quite interesting to review. I guess the interior design concept is about the intimacy with nature while adding industrial touches to it. Since it has a straight view to the beach, the interior tries to put a lot of industrial style.


This idea is to create a creative lamp installation. This is obviously industrial! The hanging shelve construction is made out of metal (painted black) and it is hung to the ceiling. Whereas jars are put with light bulbs in it. So whenever the light is turned on, results in illuminating jars!


Now these lamps are interesting. I find the shape very simple yet beautiful! It’s ethnic (I think it looks like a traditional something) and the finishing of the material, which is bronze and rusty adds that industrial sphere to it. Vintage!

The ceiling of the room is kept raw without finishing. It reminds me a bit to the ceiling design of Beachwalk Kuta by the way. A modification is done as well at this part. At some distances, an up ceiling is present. Creating this geometrical shape cut. Though that cut, they allow a little bit of sun in, just a little bit.


Again to add the industrial style, a pillar is designed in a geometric way with a synthetic material reminiscing rattan. Look how the color is a contrast to the side columns which are simply white with a wooden touch. The color resembles the floor though.


At the entrance of the restaurant, an installation of a semi-partition is present. It is made out of a synthetic material reminiscing rattan. Also in a geometrical shape. It gives the first impression of getting into a cave before going into the restaurant, but the ‘cave’ is seen through enough. Thanks to the arrangement of the design.




Now that the interior colors are mostly dark and earthy I’d say, the chairs enhances the interior with its bright appealing colors. Orange, happy green! Green plants are also put it in not only for the natural feel but also for color.


At the other side of the wall, wooden solids are put together, and behind it there is an insulation I guess, it is ripped a little in an ordered manner for texture. Very industrial!


Now at the lobby, I also found an interesting feature! They have this up ceiling with traditional woven fabrics in it for decoration. The fabrics consisted of different colors and the combination is gorgeous making me wanna stare at it all day LOL. To make it even more pretty, a hidden lamp is set on the sides to light up those details of the woven fabric. I’m in love!