So there is this store…

What I like about exploring is that sometimes in the middle of the journey we get to experience the fun of discovery. Those little things that we spontaneously come across the way is what lights up the journey even more. It’s like happy surprises and who doesn’t like surprises?

As I wander through an area in Seminyak Bali (nearby the Petittenget beach). I came across this interior accessories shop, and fell in love with it right away. Too bad I forgot to note the name of the shop. But I loved it too much so I’m going to post it anyway LOL.DSC09217

Who says design has to be complicated? Look at these wooden plates. The plates’ shape, the color combination, the striping is just so simple, neat but so sophisticated!

DSC09220The wooden tables are also lovely and again very simply done.


This is one way they manage to arrange their product in order to display them. The bowls are displayed together with the decorative pineapples. It’s nice to see such contrast. The bowls which looks very natural (wooden material) are displayed next to synthetic material made decorative element which takes the form of a natural thing: pineapple. A modern pineapple! They have a lot of goods displaying pineapples by the way (if you’re into pineapples of course).  Nevertheless, I also like the shelve. This shelve looks so DIY but it matches the interior’s atmosphere. Kind of urban yet mild. A black and white photograph of a local man wearing a traditional headpiece is put behind the shelve framed in black. Hmm… Culturally conscious. I like it!


Last but not least! These beautifully arranged vases. What’s not to love?