Kininawa Indonesia


Happy New Year 2016 everyone! I hope we will have a great year ahead, so let’s be excited! Okay so through 2015, along with my friends, now I say colleagues, we have started a new, brand new company, a furniture company. We are so thrilled! So the idea is that we design and produce premium quality legal Indonesian teak wood furniture.


The name Kininawa is derived from a Bugese (one of Indonesian local languages from South Sulawesi/Celebes). The phrase ‘Manyameng Kininnawa’ itself means ‘positive minds, good intentions and happiness’. We live by this phrase in our design, production and business. In hope to spread a breath of this beautiful idea of happiness and positivity to the world. CELEBES-2024x1455

Indonesian teakwood has always been renowned for its long tradition in woodwork and craftsmanship due to availability of material and of course, the superior quality of the raw timber. This long tradition leads to talented local craftsmen who are skillful in treating this indigenous material and bring out the best of it as an authentic products or art piece. Kininawa Teakwood shares the idea that the authenticity of handmade and handcrafted products are beautiful and soulful. It’s very social, determined and original. Together with these artists we cater you pleasing and beautiful designs of handmade furnitures and goods.

So go follow us on instagram, our website and like us on facebook!



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