Satine Premium: Dingklik

I’d like to repost an old project. The name is Satine Premium. It is a project done by my friends and I. Our team consist of 5 young designers. We focused on producing quality furnitures. Our first product was called ‘Dingklik’. In Indonesian, dingklik is a short legged chair and we adopted that term in our design. Basically we started everything from zero. Brainstorming, designing, photoshoots, craftsman, marketing, you name it! It was a long process that we all cherished and enjoyed! We also offered accessories to go with the furniture, making it thematic! Take a look.


lime tennis

pop art!

purple poison


cow invasion

We also had the privilege to join a local one day bazaar in one of Surabaya’s shopping centre and that was also fun, we get to set up a booth and meet people. It was a nice experience to work with a great team and we all definitely gained a lot of knowledge and skills.


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