Hola Mexicola!

DSC09213  I love Bali! Not only for its beaches and culture. It is an island full of inspiration! Especially for people such as myself who chose to drown themselves in the industry of the creative. Of course credit goes to the renowned tourism! Bali offers variety of hospitality, arts and crafts heaven and oh not to forget, food. All of it done for the sake of pleasure! It’s not a secret that tourism has long been one of the vital economical source and growth of Bali. But inside those businesses, it’s competition! So one way to win is to stand out.


My friend introduced me to this motel and restaurant in Jl Kayu Jati Seminyak, which I thought was quite fascinating. Instead of going with the mainstream natural style, contemporary, modern or luxurious, it chooses to go with… Mexico!


Hexagonal tiles, flowers, the contrast of blue and orange, dim lights, reflective small ornaments on the ceiling


Must love the candle!




The open space area. I kinda get a little bit of a Middle Eastern feeling looking at the architectural shape on the back.


Uses vintage (not in a West European or American kind of way) looking furniture and gets the hip out of it! Using bright colors for the seat. It compliments the chair. Brilliant!


The walls are illustrated also in bright colors, even the pillars!


Le ceiling


It’s laid back and outdoorsy.


The design of the partitions are also nice



This is the area outside, like a porch. It is visible from the street. The tiles are gorgeous! It’s got fruits!


Another decorative element! The partition, flowers, bench, green decks and pineapple wall tiles! Perfect!

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the interior of the motel which is probably as cool.


Oh, and of course I tried their delicious food! It’s Calamole with Mexican tortilla chips!


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